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All photos by Kate McKinnon are available for reuse or reimagining under the current Creative Commons license or equivalent (photographer credit / other attribution). Please link when possible.

I enjoy giving talks and working in collaboration to solve problems, and I try to keep my schedule clear enough to say Yes to interesting things, so please get in touch if you feel so moved. I and my collaborators enjoy students of all ages, and our team frequently guest lectures at universities and schools at all levels.

My Amazon author page is here, although it’s a bit out of date – the beadwork team has four new projects about to launch. You can check on on the UnLAB (our science team and non-profit corporation) here or the Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Project here.

You can find the mathematical beadwork and UnLAB science teams teaching almost every January at MIT in Boston – we love their IAP (Independent Activities Period) term and it always holds surprises.
This year (2021) unfortunately the pandemic prevents it.

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