Hello, from the edges of time.

I’m just finishing up my huge project of over a decade, the lovely Contemporary Geometric Beadwork explorations. Our team will have a couple of new books out soon, and I’ll be back to a bit more of a communicative life after that.

MIT invited us back to this January term to talk about our project and show our new work, and you are gleefully invited to join us – we are doing a couple of lectures and holding two weeks of open studio sessions for the MIT campus on making hyperbolic art in beadwork and paper.

CGB at MIT IAP 2019 poster.png

Please stop in if you are in the Boston area! Our goal is to engage ever more curious people in the arts, sciences and engineering to take a deeper look at what simple models can teach about geometry, the Universe and the architecture of the world around us.

So if you come visit our classroom, please be sure to overlap with any of the MIT community present, and if you know anyone on campus who might enjoy our work, send them our way.

Feel free to forward, post, or print our poster!

PDF versions: cgb at mit iap 2019 poster

4 thoughts on “deepening

  1. Hello,

    Good to see you surface once in a while. I have moved to Joshua tree, next to the park, and I love it here. Taking walks among pictograph inscribed cliffs by day, marveling at the near pristine night skies at night.


  2. Hallo Kate We met at Gather for Gardner celebration. Mt name is Enkeleda Gjoni. I work as a math teacher for Boston Public schools. I am interested in bringing my students in one of your workshops, or at MIT.

    I love the geometry and math you use to inspire people with your wonderful artwork. I want my students to see Geometry as art not just math.

    Thank you Enkeleda Gjoni

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