time out of time

Good morning from a cool and rainy Boston.

It’s been some time since I wrote (to anyone) but I feel the sap rising and this is good news, because it means that the energy that has been moving through me is ready to test new words, to try them on like glittering clothing.

the river running under Moulin de Chapitre, Durfort, France. photo by kate mckinnon 2010

Ideas are spilling forward motion in all directions to wake my heart, to disrupt the laziness of the old ways and old words I hear around me.

High-energy impacts and coincidences have filled my past year. Next week will be three months since I was hit hard by a car while walking, and next month will mark the one-year anniversary of being interrogated as a spy by some toughs from the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works.

Both were difficult and neither were reasonable, but I’m stronger now and that’s not nothing. I can see each now for the gifts they were, for the holes that they punched in my own reality, for the clarity with which I can now see the physics of love, and the need for kindness, for the leaving behind of assumptions, for refusing to participate in expired processes.

The pressing vigor that has been opening old boxes in my attic is rearranging the story of my life. With each breath I take, a new springy web of energy appears to hold me.

I’ve slipped the bonds of my own time, woken new.

What will I say?

Even though I’ve been silent for these months, I love you and I have been thinking of you. And I will keep thinking of you until the wind takes me away, or perhaps even after it does.

. . .

Look for me at MIT this coming January; I’ll be teaching all month during the IAP session, and all are welcome at the lectures.

Check the main page of this site anytime for my schedule in general.


On the Roof II by Josh

10 thoughts on “time out of time

  1. There is “our” light that illumines the spatial world for us (if I may be so possessive). Glad to see you back, you have been missed! Rock on Kate!

  2. So good to hear from you! You have been missed and have been in my thoughts and prayers and will remain so!

  3. Excited to see the revealed face of your inversion! Wishing you integral strength and flexible hinges👍🏼

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