on the boards / current collaborations

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on my desk

it’s All Books All Of The Time as I finish up the final layouts and assembly of the full Contemporary Geometric Beadwork series (including foreign translations and reissues of the first two volumes).

I expect to finish, print and ship our 500 signed pre-order bundles this late fall, but no official press date is set. Amazon pre-orders for regular copies will open soon. Please follow the CGB Blog if you want email updates on this project.

events / commitments

August 2-10, California
UCLA Art/Sci, Victoria Vesna and Jim Gimzewski, 2 days, guest lectures, collaboration
Stanford, guest lectures, projects with students

July 16-30, Boston
Contemporary Geometric Beadwork international work group / retreat, invited conference at MIT and my studio in Back Bay

October, 2018:  Europe
CGB Book Tour!  Oct. 5-11 I’ll be in Limoges, France, for a weeklong retreat, and outside of those dates I’ll be traveling to visit art and colleagues in Linz, Barcelona, Norway and elsewhere.

June or July 2019, Nova Scotia
Art / mathematical beading retreat with Sam Norgard – sign up soon if you want a space in this July’s session (I’ll be participating remotely) or next summer (I’ll be there in person).

on the blog

While I finish all of this work, I’m taking the gentle opportunity brought by a full desk to put social media and commerce and on hiatus. For now I need to dive down deeply.

email me directly with schedule inquiries

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