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Incredibly I am still immersed in the discovery-packed Contemporary Geometric Beadwork project, and we expect to finish three books this year  (including foreign translations, reissues of the first two volumes and an app). The project is ten years strong and growing, and we have seamlessly blended into new fields and worlds, visiting metamaterials labs, universities, mathematics conferences, scientific knitting studios, DARPA and the Naval Research Lab (don’t worry, we only work for peace). We have begun to publish in the academic literature, and by the end of the year should have completely updated our video, image and print libraries.

events / commitments 

Jan  2020:  MIT IAP Session, Cambridge, Mass
This year’s session was a complete success- the art team went in support of the science team, and many new collaborations were forged. We will do it again next year with both teams combined, pencil in Jan 11-15, 2021 if you would like to attend.

April 2020:  Release of the first new books of the CGB series:  The CGB Pattern Book and a photo compilation, CGB Vol III.

May 2020:   Visit to Cambridge University in England to give a talk and workshop for Jeremy Baumberg’s group at the NanoPhotonics Center and some of the extended art and science community, to Germany to meet with physicist Marcus Reid, and to Singapore to mount a beautiful exhibition at the ArtScience Museum. This exhibit is still in the planning stage, but we should have details soon.
(photo above by John Harper)

July 2020:   All month, the team will be gathering at our place in Washington DC for a CGB team meeting, including assembly of large museum exhibits for several upcoming shows. People will come in and out from July 6-20, and we will have public events and beading days. Stay tuned.

Sept 2020 – onward:   As we wrap the different stages of the publishing projects, the team will begin traveling the world to talk and teach, introducing the new ideas and techniques. Please email me directly  if your group would like us to visit, or if you would like to contribute to any of our communal sculptural pieces.

While I finish all of this work, I’m taking the gentle opportunity brought by a full desk to dive deep, so while you may not see me, I am working, and I am thinking of you. I will begin writing again when I have the bandwidth.