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updated August 5, 2018

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on my desk

it’s All Books All Of The Time as I finish up the final layouts and assembly of the full Contemporary Geometric Beadwork series (including foreign translations and reissues of the first two volumes).

I expect to finish, print and ship our 500 signed pre-order bundles this late fall, but no official press date is set. Amazon pre-orders for regular copies will open soon. Please follow the CGB Blog if you want email updates on this project.

events / commitments 

October, 2018:  Europe
CGB Book Tour!  Oct. 5-11, the team will be in Limoges, France, for a weeklong retreat, and outside of those dates I’ll be traveling Europe to visit art and colleagues.

January 1-31, 2019:  MIT IAP Session
Kate returns to MIT for a series of four lectures and a month of active workshops. Tune in online to the lectures or come to MIT for the workshops (schedule will be published here in November). See how hyperbolic planes, topology, architecture, origami, energy and geometry intersect in the machines of man and the processes of nature. This will be an amazing session; we have a month full of speakers, people who have changed and expanded our own questions, minds, lives, and work. Some sessions will be live.

July 2019, Nova Scotia
Mathematical beading retreat in two parts with Sam Norgard – sign up soon if you want a space. I have a new (and sole) set of criteria for retreat students: a positive, loving attitude, an absence of agenda, and a willingness to set ourselves (and our assumptions) aside for a space of time-out-of time. It’s similar to the mindset for a meditation; when we forget ourselves, discovery moves through us.

on the blog

While I finish all of this work, I’m taking the gentle opportunity brought by a full desk to put social media and commerce and on hiatus. The CGB shop will re-open soon with new editions of our series of books. Please “Follow” us here (look on the right for a bar or button) for updates.

Please email Kate directly with schedule inquiries.