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updated August 5, 2018

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on my desk

it’s All Books All Of The Time as I finish up the final layouts and assembly of the full Contemporary Geometric Beadwork series (including foreign translations and reissues of the first two volumes).

events / commitments 

January 1-31, 2019:  MIT IAP Session
Kate returns to MIT for a series of four lectures and a month of active workshops. Tune in online to the lectures or come to MIT for the workshops (schedule will be published here in November). See how hyperbolic planes, topology, architecture, origami, energy and geometry intersect in the machines of man and the processes of nature. This will be an amazing session; we have a month full of speakers, people who have changed and expanded our own questions, minds, lives, and work. Some sessions will be live.

July 2019, Nova Scotia
Mathematical beading retreat for the CGB team with Sam Norgard.

While I finish all of this work, I’m taking the gentle opportunity brought by a full desk to put social media and commerce and on hiatus.

Please email Kate directly with schedule inquiries.